Exercise #7

1. Lay with your feet together and knees relaxed and open as far as possible. If you cannot open your knees, then keep you feet flat on the floor with your knees straight up.
2. Lift you pelvis off the ground for 30 seconds to one minute.
3. Gently set your pelvis down on the floor and let your knees relax in the open or upright position for one minute. You may begin to feel some shaking or quivering in your legs.
4. If your knees are open, slight close them about two inches. Lay in this position for two minutes. If your knees are straight up, slightly open them about two inches. The quivering may get stronger. If you find it pleasant and comfortable, allow the quivering to continue. If you find it unpleasant slide you legs down into a flat position, sit up if necessary, allow yourself to integrate the experience. If you want to continue you may do so by returning to the position that caused discomfort and see if it is still there or it has dissipated.
5. Close your knees again two more inches and allow the shaking to come into the legs. The quivering will become increasingly stronger. At any point if you are uncomfortable with it, straighten your legs and relax on the floor.
6. Close (or open) your knees again two more inches and allow the shaking to continue. At this point you can continue shaking until you feel it is time to stop. Do not shake more than 15 minutes, as your body can become fatigued. If at any point the process is uncomfortable, just simply stop it by sitting up and getting a drink of water.
7. For the last part of this exercise, turn the bottoms of your feet so they are flat on the floor. Keep your knees slightly apart and the shaking will continue. Allow this movement to move into your pelvis and lower back.
8. To end the exercise, simply let your feet slide down so that you are lying flat on the floor. If you prefer, you can roll over onto your side and curl up to rest or lie on your belly. Choose the most comfortable position for your body.