Exercise #6

1. Sit with your back against the wall as though there was a chair underneath you. This will put stress on the upper leg muscles (quadriceps muscles). After a few minutes, you might begin to feel some slight pain, burning, tightness or quivering in these muscles. When it becomes slightly painful, move up the wall about two more inches. The quivering (tremoring/shaking) may get slightly stronger and the pain will begin to subside. Once again, if this position becomes slightly painful, move your back up the wall two more inches. The goal of this exercise is to try to find a position where your legs are quivering and there is no pain.
2. After 3 - 5 minutes of quivering, come off the wall and hang over forward. Keep your knees slightly bent while you touch the ground if possible). The quivering will most likely increase. Stay there for about 30 seconds.