Exercise #5

1. Keep your feet in the same position as the previous exercise.
2. Place your hands partly on the lower back and the buttocks to support the lower back.
3. Gently push your pelvis slightly forward so that there is a gentle bow in your back. You should feel a stretch at the front of your thigh. This exercise is not about arching the back but about pushing the pelvis forward so that the back naturally arches. This should be a gentle stretch according to your body's ability.
4. Gently twist at the hips (keeping the bowed position) looking behind you in one direction. Take three deep breaths.
5. Turn again from the hips in the opposite direction looking behind you (keeping the bowed position). Take three deep breaths. Keep the jaw loose and breathe through an open mouth.
6. Return to the forward position (keeping the bowed position) and take three more deep breaths. To finish, release the bow and come to a normal standing position.