Exercise #3

1. Slowly bend forward gently putting both hands on the ground close to your feet.
2. Lower your buttocks slightly as though you were going to sit in a chair. This will cause the knee to bend. Do not let the knee bend beyond the beyond the length of the foot.
3. Straighten the leg as far as you can without hurting or pulling the back leg muscles (hamstrings). Repeat this process 5 - 10 times, depending on the strength and flexibility of your legs.
4. Although this exercise is a great leg stressor and very useful, many people may find it too difficult or painful for their knees. This exercise can be modified by slightly bending the knee from a standing position. Simply bend your standing knee as comfortably as possible and then straighten it. Repeat this about 5 - 10 times. If this exercise is too difficult even when standing, please consider it an optional exercise and move onto the next exercise.